International Update July 2015 for GBN

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International Update
July 2015
• Work and Security Act
• "Entrepreneurs, be aware"
• Limit the risks of your vacant properties


Schouten Zekerheid is your Dutch partner within GBN since the start of 2015. We have been an independent broker in insurances for companies, institutions and industry and trade organisations since 1953. We are also the authorised representative for various insurance companies.

We are partner of GBN because we find it important to properly inform our clients about (developments within) the foreign insurance market. The best way to do this is, of course, through our GBN partners. We therefore sent you this newsletter with a few of the most important developments within the Dutch insurance market, in order to provide you with the knowledge to properly inform your clients. We would also like to be informed of all important insurance developments in your country.  


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Wet Werk en Zekerheid
Changes to the Work and Security Act as of July 1, 2015
In the coming years, there will be a lot of changes in labour law. The Work and Security Act is designed to make dismissal faster and cheaper, to strengthen the legal position of flexible workers, and to get more unemployed people to work.
We list the main changes and the date on which they will take effect »
Schouten Zekerheid Update - taxatie
Changes to pension legislation as of January 1, 2015
As of January 1, 2015, new pension legislation applies. These further limit the accruement of pension. In addition, the pensionable salary is maximised. The implementation of these changes has now been completed.
Have you taken the right measures for your company? »
Entrepreneurs, be aware!
This year, computer crime and political risks will continue to increase. This in addition to the traditional industrial risks such as interruption of business processes and/or the production chain, natural disasters and fires. 
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Limit the risks of your vacant properties

Do you have an empty building? Then there is more risk of damage! For example, by fire, leaks, vandalism or illegal use of the property. But when is a building 'empty'? And what expects your insurer? 

Checklist: test the risk of damage to your vacant property »
Schouten Zekerheid Academy
Schouten Zekerheid Academy
We always want to be ahead of developments in the market, and pro-actively ensure that our knowledge is always up to date. We do not want to keep this knowledge to ourselves, we want to share it with our clients.
This was the reason to launch the Schouten Zekerheid Academy. »

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Publicatiedatum: 17 juli 2015
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