International Update September 2015 for GBN

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International Update
September 2015
• Transition payment & expiring CLA
• Extra money for Sustainable Employability
• Schouten Zekerheid Magazine

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We will see each other at the GBN Network Meeting in London at the end of September. By means of this Schouten Zekerheid Update we’re pleased to bring you up to date on the latest developments in the insurance sector in the Netherlands.

If needed, Wilco de Haan and Daniel Dancewicz will gladly give further explanation during the meeting. We are also very interested in the developments in the countries of our partners, and we look forward to hearing about them during the GBN Network Meeting. 

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Wet Werk en Zekerheid
Transition payment when a CLA expires
Much has changed this year when it comes to the Employment and Security Act. Severance payment has been scrapped and replaced by transition payment.
What is the situation with the transition payment when the CLA expires? »
Extra money for sustainable employability
Around 20 million Euros is being made available for ‘sustainable employability’ to help keep more people working productively for longer. The funding has been released from the European Social Funds.
Read more »
Fewer break-ins, but not everywhere
Last year in the Netherlands there were almost 65,000 break-ins: this amounts to 175 per day. Although this is 17% less than the previous year, it doesn’t apply everywhere in the country. 
Where were the most break-ins? »
Schouten Zekerheid launches its own magazine

In this magazine, leading entrepreneurs take a look at current developments and the impact of these on business processes, and share their vision on entrepreneurship. 

More about the Schouten Zekerheid Magazine »

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Publicatiedatum: 08 september 2015
Daniel Dancewicz Directeur Inkoop & Internationaal
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