Changes to health insurance in 2016

A number of things will change in health insurance in 2016. What happens to the deductible? Are there any new coverages? We would like to list the main changes in 2016.

Basic insurance fee

The fee for the basic insurance increases by about 7 Euro per month next year. This is a guideline. Ultimately, the health insurer is responsible for determining the premium for its policies. These will be announced mid-November.


The statutory deductible increases by 10 Euro to 385 Euro per year.

Sports doctor

The sports doctor becomes part of the basic package.

Prenatal screening

The compensated of prenatal screening is adjusted. To claim compensation for invasive diagnosis (chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis), pregnant women must first have undergone a combination test with a 'positive' result. Women who have undergone the Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) abroad at their own expenses do not receive compensation for the invasive diagnostics. This is not the intention and will be corrected in 2016.

Medical transportation at intensive child care

All children who receive district nursing care (as part of intensive child care) are entitled to transportation to and from a nursing care centre if medically necessary. This is an extension. In 2015, there is an exhaustive list and not all children who are entitled to nursing services receive compensation for medical transportation.


The Healthcare Insurance Act contains co-payments and/or maximum compensation for hair prostheses, contact lenses and glasses, orthopaedic shoes, maternity care and medical transport. These co-payments are adjusted annually based on indexation. The co-payment for hearing aids for minors expires in 2016.

Expansion of basic health insurance

A number of treatments and medications are added to the basic health insurance. Next year, more types of prenatal screening and prenatal surgery will be compensated, and the sports doctor becomes part of the basic package. The co-payment for hearing aids for minors also expires.

The following matters are included in the basic health insurance in 2016:

  • Visiting and treatment from the GP. 
  • Treatment and stay in the hospital. 
  • Medication and devices. 
  • Obstetric care and maternity care. 
  • Medical mental health care (GGZ). 
  • Dental surgery care and dentures. 
  • Dental care and physiotherapy for minors.
Publicatiedatum: 03 oktober 2015
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