Employee Benefits across the border

Traditionally, Dutch entrepreneurs have been very active internationally. They do business with foreign suppliers and customers and increasingly often start local branches abroad. Different countries have different legal rules and local customs, also when it comes to insurance.

Part of a network

'This is why it is beneficial that Schouten Zekerheid is part of renowned international partner organisations such as Asinta and the Global Brokers Network Worldwide. This allows us to support our clients abroad in both employee benefits and damage insurance', says Hans Huizing, Director Employee Benefits at Schouten Zekerheid. 'Through Asinta, we and our partners are able to advice on and manage the right insurance solution in every country and serve our clients even better.'

Association Internationale des Actuaires

Asinta, established in 1992 as a cooperation between eight international insurance companies, is an acronym of Association Internationale des Actuaires. Asinta allows affiliated partners to provide local expertise in all countries relevant to their relations. Hans continues: "Thanks to Asinta, we exchange specific expertise and information with partners and can provide information to our relations necessary to rapidly and properly arrange all matters in the field of employee benefits.'

Extensive professional partner organisation

Wendi Pickerel, Director at Asinta: 'Asinta has a partner organisation in 92 countries, all specialised in employee benefits. Our selection criteria are very strict. We only allow one insurance broker per country. Each partner must be a specialist in the field of employee benefits of the country in which it operates. The partners must always keep three important goals in mind:

  • Achieving the best possible insurance and employee benefits all over the world.
  • Linking international expertise to local knowledge. 
  • Creating a worldwide knowledge-base, accessible to all members of the network in order to strengthen their position and impact.' 

Employee Benefits, here and abroad

Wendi continues: 'Exchanging information and support in the field of employee benefits is part of our goal to offer the best possible service. In many countries, companies cooperate with insurance brokers who work with a limited and specific number of insurance products of local providers. An insurance broker has one goal, however: acting in the interest of the client. As certified broker, he is the legal representative of the company on the market. A broker has knowledge of all suitable and available providers. Through Asinta, it is possible to look across the border for more attractive insurance solutions. Dutch companies with international operations benefit from establishing generic employee benefits, across borders, which can be adjusted on a local level is necessary. Not the easiest task, as you have to deal with local regulations, cultural differences, specific costs and completely different fringe benefits to be an attractive employer in a country. The partners within Asinta know exactly what to do in each country. Dutch companies benefit from this.'

Asinta and her international partners

Asinta offers her partners more benefits. Obviously, these include economies of scale. Through collective purchasing, costs for internationally operating Dutch companies can be drastically reduced. Rewards, social security, care, leave, dismissal, ever-changing employment relationships, everything affects reward and care possibilities desired by both employees and employers. A professional, local partner supported by other partners of Asinta can offer so much more to her clients in these fields. Unlike some large advice organisations, each partner invests in personal relationships within Asinta. They align with the growth ambitions of companies and stay aware of the origins of an organisation, how it all started. All local partners within Asinta truly know their clients.

Wendi finishes: 'The partners within Asinta share knowledge of a variety of commercial markets, products and industrial and social developments. Because these international partners meet and talk regularly and have personal relation, they can freely refer their clients without and doubts and with complete confidence. All partners can tell their clients: I know this professional personally, he has been thoroughly screened, is 100% reliable, has the correct and best knowledge of the local market in which you want to operate, and is guaranteed to meet your wishes, demands and expectations.'

Publicatiedatum: 13 oktober 2015
Daniel Dancewicz Directeur Inkoop & Internationaal
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