Fewer break-ins, but not everywhere

Last year in the Netherlands there were almost 65,000 break-ins: this amounts to 175 per day. Although this is 17% less than the previous year, it doesn’t apply everywhere in the country. In some places the number of break-ins actually rose dramatically. This can be concluded from recent break-in figures of the police.

In 98 municipalities actually more break-ins In 98 municipalities the number of break-ins increased last year. Particularly the residents of ’t Gooi were on the receiving end of this, with Blaricum in the lead. Here there were 101 break-ins in 2014, an increase of 63% compared with the previous year. Other municipalities also saw a rise in the number of break-ins:

  • Laren (+29%) 
  • Huizen (+5%) 
  • Hilversum (+38%) 

According to the police, there was an increase in the number of break-ins in ’t Gooi, but in the meantime the numbers have already fallen again. Generally speaking there are many break-ins in both the richest and the poorest neighbourhoods of the country. The wealthiest areas experience 22% more break-ins than average, and the poorest neighbourhoods 9% more than average.

Where were the most break-ins?

In 2014 the following towns experienced the most break-ins:

  • Blaricum: 101 break-ins, 25 per 1000 household (+ 63% relative to 2013). 
  • Laren: 93 break-ins, 19 per 1000 households (+ 29% relative to 2013). 
  • Huizen, 319 break-ins, 18 per 1000 households (+ 5% relative to 2013). 
  • Alphen-Chaam, 68 break-ins, 17 per 1000 households (- 16% relative to 2013). 
  • Gouda, 541 break-ins, 17 per 1000 households, (- 5% relative to 2013). 

Where were the fewest break-ins?

In 2014 the following towns experienced the most break-ins:

  • Schiermonnikoog: in the past two years no break-ins reported. 
  • Oud-Beijerland: 12 break-ins, 1 per 1000 households (- 45% relative to 2013). 
  • Texel: 9 break-ins, 1 per 1000 households (- 44% relative to 2013). 
  • Korendijk: 7 break-ins, 2 per 1000 households (- 63% relative to 2013). 
  • Terschelling: 4 break-ins, 2 per 1000 households (+ 100% relative to 2013). 

Break-ins and insurance

A break-in often brings with it many financial and emotional consequences. Fortunately, much can be done in the area of prevention. But if you do suffer a break-in, you can in any case submit a claim on your household insurance and/or building insurance). Sometimes, limited cover applies to valuable items in the event of theft, especially in large cities. This can be checked in the conditions of your insurance policy. Do you want to make a claim as a result of a break-in and are you insured with Schouten Zekerheid? Then report the break-in as soon as possible so our claims department can support you in processing the claim.

Publicatiedatum: 08 september 2015
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