Collectieve zorgverzekering

Group health insurance for your employees

You want your employees to be properly insured at attractive conditions. But do you have time to negotiate on the best offer with all insurers? And if you already offer group health insurance to your employees, do you check whether your offer is still the best every year? Probably not. Schouten Zekerheid gladly takes this off your hands.

We arrange group health insurance for more than 50 companies, including Facilicom, Audax and Royal Haskoning DHV. Because we are independent and have excellent relationships with insurers, we can arrange the best deal for your employees. This means a substantial discount on the premium of basic and additional health insurance for your employees.

The benefits for your business:

  • The best health insurance for your employees.
  • Schouten Zekerheid has its own Care Desk where your employees can ask questions.
  • We make sure every employee gets to know about the offer. For example: we welcome your new employees bij phone till and we make a complete website in your corporate style.
  • We can ensure that you receive a budget from the insurer, for example, to finance the project 'Duurzame Inzetbaarheid'.
  • We ensure that invoices for work-related care go directly to the insurer instead of you.
  • When decrease in group health insurance, our register casemanager helps you 20 hours for free with complex absence cases.
ContactVincent van DijkDirector Employee Benefits