Benefits from collective health insurance at Wilhelmsen Ships Service
More return from group health insurance at Wilhelmsen Ships Service Read how we successfully implemented Employee Benefits at one of the largest employers in the Netherlands.
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This is what we do for Wilhelmsen Ships Service

Wilhelmsen Ships Service is an industry leader in providing quality products and services to the shipping industry. This includes safety products and services, chemicals, Agency & Logistics services and other boating equipment to ships worldwide. A total of 4,500 employees are involved in the company, of which 205 are based in Rotterdam and Terneuzen. Wilhelmsen Ships Service's mission is to implement their services and products to make a significant improvement to the operational efficiency of their customers.

Internet site for the group health insurance in the own "look and feel" of Wilhelmsen

To properly inform employees of Wilhelmsen and to offer them the opportunity to make a comparison between the group health insurance offered by the company and the insurance they have taken themselves, we offer online premium and conditions comparison. In this way, employees can quickly see whether the conditions are similar or even better than their current insurance, and see where they can save money.

Contribution to the PMO

The collectivity also offers benefits to the employer. Since a large share of the workers performs physical work, Wilhelmsen annually performs a PMO. In collaboration with Schouten Zekerheid, various options were studied, and a PMO was offered at a discount through the health insurance. In this way, a large part of the budget remained unused, which could be used for other, preventive, purposes.

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