Group health insurance at Proteion Thuis
More value from group health insurance at Proteion ThuisRead how we successfully implemented Employee Benefits at one of the largest employers in the Netherlands.
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This is what we do for Proteion Thuis

Proteion Thuis has everything in terms of housing, welfare and care for the elderly and chronically ill. Proteion Thuis has 4,000 employees and 1,500 volunteers for the daily care for its 10,000 clients in north and central Limburg and eastern Brabant. For Proteion Thuis, Schouten Zekerheid manages, in addition to the CLA related insurance contract with IZZ, also the collective care contract of CZ and VGZ.

Welcome to new employees

Schouten Zekerheid welcomes new employees on behalf Proteion Thuis and helps them choose from the various collective health insurances. Schouten Zekerheid does this, among other things, by calling the employees to welcome them to the organisation and to provide a comparison of the current insurance at IZZ, CZ and VGZ and possibly convert this insurance to a group health insurance. This saves employees, depending on the family situation, up to a few hundred Euro annually.

Keeping employees fit and healthy

To keep employees fit and healthy, they also receive discounts at the gym, they pay no registration fees, and they get a baseline fitness analysis (worth € 70,-). We also offer an online diet coach, Health Scans, Fitcheck, and waiting list mediation.

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