Liability and CAR coverage for the NVBU
Liability and CAR coverage for the NVBURead how our specialists created up a special customised solution for members of the association of construction companies.
Custom solutions for your liability and CAR coverage?

Insurance for members of NVBU

The Northern Association for Civil and Utility Construction originated in Drenthe/ North West Overijssel and represents the interests of construction companies working in the field of civil and utility construction. Five years ago, The NVBU Verzekeringsdienst was created in cooperation with Schouten Zekerheid to be able to provide good insurance for its members.

Hendrik Jan Blomberg, President NVBU

You work with cranes and scaffolding. There is always the risk that something falls of a crane. If this happens, we are liable. This is why you need good CAR and AVB (Liability) insurance.

Wim de Boer, General Secretary  NVBU

A SME contractor has different requirements of an insurance package than a big contractor with personnel. And northerners often have a 'wait and see' attitude. You really need to convince them. This is only possible by being reliable, trustworthy, and by giving good advice. And Schouten Zekerheid has done this extremely well!

Eric Kreft, Commercial Director Schouten Zekerheid

Construction contractors are busy with their own work. Activities that are excluded by the AVB. The CAR insurance covers these risks, however. After a survey of members of the NVBU group, we have developed a product for the CAR insurance master contract, combined with the AVB. This ensures that there is no duplication and no unnecessary coverages resulting in needlessly high costs for our members.  

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