For employers and employees
Knowing what is going on in your industryAnd so ensure that the insurance products connect with the wishes of entrepreneurs.

Insurance service for employers and employees

As trade association, you want to offer your members a suitable total product when it comes to insurance. Schouten Zekerheid knows exactly what is going on in your industry and therefore ensures that insurance products cater to the demands of entrepreneurs in your industry. What kinds of insurances are involved? As a rule, we offer a package of insurances for the entire company. Such as insurance against business risks, a specialist absenteeism solution, and other employer insurances. But also group employee insurance, such as health insurance.

More than insurances

Our insurance packages focus on your industry. Are there any transport risks? We can cover this. Do many of your members have a showroom? We insure this. But the services of Schouten Zekerheid go beyond taking the inventory of risks and putting together the right insurance. We also take over the management of the insurance policies on us, so that your members always have adequate insurance terms that reflect the current market and legislation. Sometimes we add coverages to our products. Such as for the treatment of hairdresser eczema or the issue of stock surges in retail, the risks of roofers, or the 100-100 CLA scheme of continued payment of wages in case of illness.  

Service and decisiveness

Schouten Zekerheid has a Customer Contact Centre acting on behalf of the association. We have frequent contact with all insured parties, and offer 24-hour service to your members. Has the insurer rejected the claim? We represent our customers and show our decisiveness. We handle the damage case and try to arrange the payment or increase the amount to be paid. Because we can talk substantively and professionally. Because of our size as partner of various industries, we get the required attention of insurers.

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