Take inventory of your cyber risks

Did you know that cyber criminals find a new victim every 18 seconds? Entrepreneurs in particular, are routinely faced with various forms of cyber crime. This includes the theft of confidential information, systems are "hijacked" or switched off: there are many risks you probably haven't inventoried yet, but certainly should consider.
More information about the cyber risks at your company?

Preventive solutions

Have you taken measures to limit the digital risk within your company? These may include the following:
  • Secure your systems with two-step verification, for example with a password and a text message (SMS).
  • Make a plan how you can best protect your valuable and sensitive information.
  • Check the digital vulnerability of, among others, your hosting party and data centre.
  • Determine which employees are allowed inside your network and systems.  
  • Inventory the added value of cyber insurance.
  • Cyber criminals are not interested in what kind of company or data is involved, all data is worth money Niels Groeneveld - Threat Intelligence Analyst, Redsocks

Data breach? Report this as soon as possible

The Data Breach Notification Obligation is an important factor to take into account. The most important element within this law is the duty to report any data breach for everyone that stores personal data of third parties. The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA or Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) must be notified within 72 hours of the breach. If applicable, all individuals concerned must be informed as well. Failure to notify within this timeframe may result in a fine.

Cyber insurance: yes or no?

Digital risks are not included in traditional insurance policies.

You can take all kinds of preventive measures, but a breach can still occur. And don't forget, a cyber attack can have considerable (financial) consequences. Cyber insurance can help in this regard. But, is this risk not covered by your corporate insurance? The answer is: no, often it is not.

That is why you should seek advice on whether or not you need to take out a special cyber policy. Every company encounters digital risks, including your company.

If you need help with your digital risks,

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